White Center @Greenbridge does it again!!!

By Ms Deb and Kelly Twedt

In their latest version of “Biggest Loser” SweetHeart-Valentine Edition, Kaila Tang, Public Health Nurse, took the grand prize of $220 and the title of winner (or is it Loser?) of the Sweet Heart-Healthy Heart Biggest Loser Contest.  Congratulations Kaila!Kalia

Originally inspired by our own Seattle/King County “Healthy Incentives” program, White Center made their 3rd effort at promoting overall health, weight loss, and employee well-being with an added focus on trying to be extra “Heart Smart” this go round.  (And a little monetary incentive never hurt anyone.)

Each time, Ms Deb & Kelly Twedt combine their creative ideas and coordinate the Biggest Loser Contest; each contest has a special theme.  From January 14th – February 14th, 11 participants found various ways to sneak in work outs and reduce sodium/caloric intake, while making conscious decisions to feed their bodies better.
The rules are simple and fair. Participants pay a $ 20 participants fee later.  The participant with the highest % of weight loss is the winner—and WINNER TAKES ALL!!!   Hearth Healthy Valentine's

We, have an initial, confidential weigh-in, and a final weigh-out in  30 days .

Ya look good, ya feel good! The team work and support was immeasurable!  Even WC’s fabulous, non-participating coworkers  gave encouragement by bringing fresh fruits and healthy snacks to munch on!

On Thursday, Feb 14th we also had a Heart Healthy luncheon and all staff brought their favorite low sodium, low fat dish.  It was Yummy!

If anyone’s wondering when the next Biggest Loser Contest is, make note! Maybe…A May 2013 Swimsuit Biggest Loser????  And how about a challenge to the other Public Health sites to jump on board and see how many losers you can find at your site!
Come Join Us!  White Center @ Green Bridge is ready!!

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