I am grateful to work in a place that supports a healthy lifestyle

Today I want to go “off” about all the ways King County (my employer) helps me support a healthy lifestyle.KingCountyLogo

1.    I LOVE the bike room. It is warm, dry and clean.  There is ALWAYS a place to park my bike.  I only have to walk about 20 steps from my bike to the locker room, and I can leave my towel, soap and shampoo near my bike parking area- which also makes the transition from my bike commute to work fast and easy.  There is a place to hang my clothes to dry after a rainy ride, and there is a locker where I can store my shoes.  The locker room is large and I have never, once, had to wait to take a shower.

2.    I LOVE the fitness centers available to employees – for free!  Last year I toured through some of the county workout facilities (there are many) from the bus bases, to the sewer treatment plants to the downtown buildings – they are available, open and convenient.

3.    I LOVE my King Care health care.  I was self employed for 7 years and had to purchase my own policies.  During those years I was lucky nothing major happened to me or my husband, for if it had, we could have been financially ruined – easily.

4.    I LOVE the making life easier program.  Having this assistance available is comforting, because everyone needs help sometimes.

5.    I LOVE having a stand up desk.  One of my worries about working in an office was having to sit all day.  I do work at a computer most days, and can do it without feeling uncomfortable sitting.

6.    I LOVE getting a flu shot at work.  I can’t believe it’s so easy.

7.    I LOVE having paid sick time and vacation.  What a LUXURY!  I was self-employed for 7 years, so paid time off is truly a treat.

There are many more reasons than these.  Please add your reason to this list!

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