Safety in the weight room

By Michelle Fujiwara

Do your wear your seat belt when you drive or fly? What safety measures do you take when you lift weights?weightbelt

The other day in the work out room I teased one of the guys who was wearing a weight lifting belt. I can tell you mean serious business mister. His response was that he wasn’t young anymore. Safety and good form are important when lifting weight, no matter what your age. Anyone young or old can get hurt while doing a squat, bench press or dead lift. Whether you lift five pounds or two hundred fifty five pounds, ask yourself:

  1. Are you working the muscles you intend or are you using momentum to lift or move the weight?
  2. Are you breathing properly, paying attention to form and technique or are you groaning and straining when lifting every rep?
  3. Do you have control over the weights or do you drop them on the rack or floor when you are done?
  4. Do you work your triceps as much as your biceps?
    Are you working your core and legs as much as your arms, chest and shoulders?
  5. Are you allowing yourself time to rest the next day so your body can recover and build your muscles?

Weights challenge your body and help to sculpt your muscles. There is a certain satisfaction when you lift weights, especially when you increase how much you lift or how many reps you do. Don’t overlook your own safety and those around you when you lift.

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