5 Great Grilling Gifts for Dad

bbq1.  A good grill tool set Price range:  $20 -$200.  This is a basic requirement, and if Dad does not have a set, your shopping headaches are over!  There are so many on the market, surely there is one that will fit your budget and your taste preference.

2.  Good grill brush  $2 – $30 –  I love the “grill daddy” because of it’s price ($7.99) and because of it’s name.  It has an ergonomic handle and functions as a steam cleaner.

3.  Cook book $10 – $50 – Sometimes it’s fun to go beyond the tried and true. Cooking Light has a collection of grilling recipes.  Bobby Flay’s Grilling for Life:  75 Healthier Ideas for Big Flavor from the Fire offers some healthy alternatives as well.

4.  Serving platter $25 and up – Once the delicious food is ready, you need a good platter to serve it up.  Something unbreakable is best.  My favorite is the cast iron serving tray from Home Depot. Another, lower priced option is the Stainless Steel platter from Cabellas it’s  on target for Dad too.

5.  Pizza stone for the Grill  $23 – $101 – I have been hearing about pizza on the grill.  A pizza stone makes it possible and Weber makes one that is quite popular.  In case you have not tried pizza on the grill, here is a recipe!

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