Healthy Grilling for Father’s Day

Nothing says “Father’s Day” like grilling outdoors. But for the good of dad’s health, as well as the rest of his family’s, be choosy about what you put on kabob-skewersthe grill. Steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages can be heavy in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Follow these tips when deciding what foods to include for the celebration:

  • Grill lean turkey dogs, chicken sausages, buffalo burgers or veggie burgers in place of full-fat options.
  • Instead of sautéed onions, put onions on the grill for great smoky flavor
  • Choose heart-healthy salmon
  • Veggie kabobs are a delicious treat that do great on the grill.  Stack mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini and a sherry tomato, drizzle with some balsamic and olive oil and you have a healthy side dish.

For side dishes, there are great tasting alternatives to heavy, mayonnaise salads and spreads. If a recipe calls for full-fat mayonnaise or sour cream, substitute a low-fat variation. Your potato salads and baked potatoes won’t know the difference. And your father’s heart will thank you.

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