Top Ten Tips for Natural Prozac

Does eating your way to feeling happier, more energized and less stressed sound implausible? Well, I watched a webinar yesterday that really piqued my interest.  The presenter was Dr. Karen Wolfe   for the National Wellness Institute. The topic of the webinar was: Beyond Prozac: An Effective Wellness-Directed Approach to Depression.  What I learned in the webinar makes a TON OF SENSE! I want to share the highlights along with some resources.


1. Food Plan   Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen Desmaisons and
2. Sleep William Dement-The Promise of Sleep and
3. Exercise  – even 30 minutes a day
4. Nutrient Deficiency – Vitamin D and Vitamin B12
5. Detoxification -PCC has a Spring detox class
6.  Gut Health  – Probiotics can help you feel better
7. Stress Management   – there are many resources to tackle this topic.  Here are a few: WebMD; Stress reducing foods; Relaxation Techniques
8. Social Connections- MindBody Love and Survival by Dean Ornish /Create the Body Your Soul Desires by Dr Karen
9. Light Therapy Lamps – There are many, this is an example.
10. Hormonal Balance – and

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