Goat Hill Giving Garden

goat hill garden totals (3)Tucked between the Goat Hill parking garage and the Chinook building in downtown Seattle is a formerly barren chunk of land owned by King County. Seven years ago, this land was mostly gravel, cement chunks tossed downhill when roads and buildings were constructed and a few brave weeds.

Today, this area is home to the Goat Hill Giving Garden with a dozen raised beds and 20 planters. King County employees and our neighbors volunteer their time to tend to lettuce, beans, carrots, strawberries, zucchini, cucumber, herbs and other produce. Produce grown is donated to the Pike Market Senior Center to support their program providing hot and healthy meals to low income and homeless members of our community.

The garden also provides a way for employees to learn about garden methods they can use at home to grow healthy food for their families. Did you know that kale can survive most Pacific Northwest winters? Garden experts teach classes regularly, and volunteers test their skills by planting and harvesting onsite.

The Goat Hill Giving Garden exists because of King County employee volunteers, and our partners in county agencies such as LOOP Biosolids and King County Facilities. If you want to volunteer at the garden, let us know. You can also keep in touch with us from a distance by joining our email list.

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