Why care about food waste?

Have you ever found a limp bunch of celery, half-eaten bag of soggy lettuce, or moldy berries in the fridge? Odds are you have a tired food item at home right now. Shockingly, Americans throw away about 25 percent of all the food and drinks we buy. It also costs us on average $130 per month!

In the Cedar Hills regional landfill, the King County Solid Waste Division found that nearly 33 percent of garbage from single-family households is food, an average of 390 pounds per King County household per year.

See below for a few simple changes to shopping, prepping, and storing food that help your budget and reduce the amount of food that goes to our landfills. Want to dig deeper? Take the food waste challenge and figure out how much food is really going to waste in your home.

Food Waste image


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