Give your worksite a Healthy Worksite Makeover today!

Creating a workspace that encourages employees to make healthy choices doesn’t have to cost a thing. Here are some simple (and free!) things you can do – today – to make it easier for you and your coworkers to make healthy choices.

Eat Smart:

  • Ditch the candy dish! We have so many opportunities in life to reach for sweets. Don’t make your desk or work area abowlofnutsnother one. It’s not doing anyone any good. If you want to offer a treat, try substituting the candy with nuts, popcorn or fruit.
  • Always include a healthy option when bringing food for meetings, catering an event or having a potluck. Here are some ideas.
  • Make water the easiest choice to reach for. Switch off ‘sponsoring’ the water jug with your team. One week it could be lemon water, then cucumber water, or even blackberry water!

Move More:

  • Post signs near the elevators to encourage and remind employees and visitors to take the stairs.
  • Set up a walking challenge with your team. Be creative and have fun with it! Maybe track the steps it takes to get from yoSmallStepsur worksite to various locations, and then celebrate when you ‘get there.’
  • Have a walking meeting at least once a week.
  • Map a walking path near your worksite. Here are some routes in downtown Seattle.

Stress Less:

  • Designate a quiet area in your work space and use it! Ask your supervisor if an unused desk, office, corner or room can be designated for this purpose.
  • Try out a short guided meditation.
  • Say thank you. Expressing appreciation for others on a regular basis will actually make you feel better too.

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