Terry Cobb Grand Slam Contest Entry

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12 thoughts on “Terry Cobb Grand Slam Contest Entry

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  1. Right on, Willie. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens. Willie the Warrior Farrior lives on in strenth, courage and excellence. So does baby brother Terry.

  2. Nice to hear about the how your brother overcame the obtacles that were put in his way! Gives me courage to overcome any barriers that life hands me. Thank you for sharing, Terry!

  3. An amazing story of overcoming challenges and achieving goals. He shows us there is no excuse for not succeding in life.

  4. Thank you for both an inspiring and downright miraculous story! Grateful for the telling, keep the dream alive!

  5. Thanks for sharing this story Terry. It is always nice to have a reminder that our struggles just make us stronger!

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