Bicycle Maintenance

Just in case you missed these two videos in the May Healthy Incentives Newsletter, here they are again.  Both videos are short, sweet, and provide great tips. How to clean your bike: Pre-ride check:

Hot bike clothes for Hot Mom’s!

Do the spandex clothes carried by most bicycle departments make your skin crawl?  Are you tired of only seeing black, yellow and screaming green color schemes?  If you are, then read on!  We have compiled some of the cutest new bicycle wear ever! Dump the Diaper Butt:  Those shammies in shorts are never flattering. I... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Five Favorite bike rides

Since mother's day is this coming Sunday, AND it's bike month, it seems natural that we would put together a list of Mom's favorite bike rides.  Our focus is one of several items: 1.  The ride itself. 2. The scenery. 3. Something mom's would especially love along the way. We would love for you to... Continue Reading →

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