Need to see a health care provider during the pandemic? Try telehealth

To protect themselves from the coronavirus, many people have chosen to delay non-emergency doctors’ visits and therapy appointments, hoping they can pause their medical needs until the pandemic is over. Unfortunately, we now realize the virus is likely here to stay for many more months. And so, we are faced with the challenge of developing strategies for safely navigating our new reality.

Fortunately, King County employees and family members enrolled in Kaiser and Regence medical plans have access to telehealth services that allow you to virtually access board-certified, trained medical providers from your home, using a tablet, smart phone, or personal computer.

How does telehealth work for Regence members?

If you’re enrolled in KingCare or KingCare Select, your telehealth service is called Doctor on Demand. Doctor on Demand offers live video visits with doctors and psychologists 24/7 on your smart phone or computer, with or without an appointment. Just like in-person visits, these telehealth doctors take your history and symptoms, perform an exam, and may recommend treatment—including prescriptions and lab work. Doctor on Demand provides treatment for many common conditions affecting your health, including cold and flu, skin conditions, anxiety and depression, and more.

Doctor on Demand visits are normally $10, with no deductible. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Doctor on Demand telehealth copays have been waived for Regence members until the outbreak is over. To access Doctor on Demand services, register online or download the Doctor on Demand phone app from the Apple or Android store. For customer service, call 800-997-6196.

Additionally, many in-network Regence providers now offer telehealth options, and coverage has been expanded to include these services, including primary care; behavioral health; and physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Coronavirus-related visits are covered at no cost and standard plan benefits apply to visits for other services.

How does telehealth work for Kaiser members?

If you’re enrolled in the Kaiser Permanente SmartCare plan, you have many options to access care from your mobile phone or computer, including:

These services are no additional cost to you and allow you to get real-time medical care from a provider or pharmacy representative. These medical professionals can give you advice, diagnosis, and treatment for many common conditions and, if necessary, a prescription. An appointment is not needed.

To access the Kaiser telehealth options, call the advice number on your Kaiser membership card or go to Get Care. For more information on telehealth, visit the King County Telehealth page. Questions? Contact

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