Getting Back on the Horse

When I was growing up and faced frustrations with things like not making a sports team or not getting a grade I wanted my mom would say, “When you fall off the horse, you brush yourself off and get back on. That way you prove to yourself and the horse that you mean to stay.”... Continue Reading →

The Program That Worked for Me

A few people have asked me which program I chose to lose weight and I’m happy to pass that information along. Take Shape for Life is what I chose. Some of you may know it as Medifast. Here’s why I chose it: It’s about health, not appearance. All of the writing is geared toward finding... Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Motivation for Change

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” -- Abraham Lincoln In my weight loss journey finding and maintaining motivation has been a cornerstone. At the beginning of my process I went through an exercise I found really helpful and can apply to anyone facing any kind of change. Those of you doing Lean or performance... Continue Reading →

Getting in the Right Frame of Mind

I recently achieved a major milestone in my quest to live a healthy life. I lost 97 lbs. It has truly been a transformative process. Most of the transformation happened within me, but it was visible on the outside in the weight I was losing. Anyone who has ever tried to make a major change knows that... Continue Reading →

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