Affordable Nutrition

"Eating healthy costs more!" As a dietitian, this is a phrase I hear frequently. While there are many strategies to keep healthy eating affordable such as eating in season, keeping a well-stocked pantry and cooking in batches, a recent study took a new approach. The goal was to identify which vegetables provide the most nutrients... Continue Reading →

Salad with Cherries, Goat Cheese and Pistachios

With the opening of the Pike Place Market express farmers markets downtown, and many markets around the Puget Sound region, come truck loads of fresh, local produce. The market at City Hall on Tuesday this week had a beautiful display of greens, cherries, spring onions and other delicious goodies. Here’s a quick, easy and healthy... Continue Reading →

Getting in the Right Frame of Mind

I recently achieved a major milestone in my quest to live a healthy life. I lost 97 lbs. It has truly been a transformative process. Most of the transformation happened within me, but it was visible on the outside in the weight I was losing. Anyone who has ever tried to make a major change knows that... Continue Reading →

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