Farmers market recipes

Last week, I did a tour of the farmers' market with a fun group of Public Health employees from the SNAP Ed program. They had so much to share with me and one another about ways of preparing different veggies, family and cultural food traditions, and recipe ideas. One of the things we talked about... Continue Reading →

End the diet debates

Diet is a four-letter word in my world. We all know people who fit into the various diet categories: the yo-yo dieter, the jump on the latest fad-diet dieter, the on the diet/off the diet dieter, the I'm never going to go on a diet/ I eat whatever I want people, and then there's the... Continue Reading →

Affordable Nutrition

"Eating healthy costs more!" As a dietitian, this is a phrase I hear frequently. While there are many strategies to keep healthy eating affordable such as eating in season, keeping a well-stocked pantry and cooking in batches, a recent study took a new approach. The goal was to identify which vegetables provide the most nutrients... Continue Reading →


I get a fresh box of food each week and this week I found Sunchoke's.  I have never cooked with them, so needed some help.  They sound just wonderful and I am going to try this recipe for my ski outing on Mount Saint Helen's on Sunday.  Sounds amazing! Raw sunchokes, sometimes called Jerusalem artichokes,... Continue Reading →

Growing Starts

It's easy to grow your own starts from seed. I use two mini greenhouses that I fill with newspaper pots planted with seeds. While you can use dirt from the garden I usually use sterile potting soil to cut down on mold and other organisms that can kill off young seedlings. Once everything is planted I water it,... Continue Reading →

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