Actually Accomplish Your Goals!

Goals. We set them for ourselves every day. We assign them to others. We write them down, even after we have done them, just to have that feeling when we crossing them off.  However, we also avoid them, pile them up, make excuses, and even dread our goals. So why is it that something we... Continue Reading →

Portion Control Balance

Portion control is something we struggle with constantly in our culture.  I read an article last week about Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) urging the USDA to improve portion size information on food labels.  Basically, their argument is that the portions on labels in no way represent the way American's eat and... Continue Reading →


There is a lot of lip service given to life balance; but what does that really mean? Doesn't everyone have their own definition about what "striking the right balance" means to them? If so, how do we help each other find that balance point? Or do is balance even something we reach out to others... Continue Reading →

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