Financial Tips for Inflation and Market Volatility from My Secure Advantage

My Secure Advantage (MSA) is a financial wellness program that provides King County employees with tools and coaching to help you reach your financial goals.

Appreciating that many employees may be anxious about their finances – from rising prices to the value of their investments – MSA has prepared the two flyers:

  • Inflation: What Can I Do Now? outlines things to consider and adjustments you may want to make to help reduce stress during times of high inflation.
  • Market Volatility highlights practical investment considerations and steps to consider in times of turbulent markets.

Additionally, MSA presented a special webinar on these topics. The recording is available on their blog (no login required).

Last, but not least, MSA Money Coach Anna Martinez will take employees on a tour of the MSA Digital Platform to help make everyone aware of the great resources available to them. (~4 min.)

For more information about MSA, or to sign up for a 90 day Money Coach, visit this page.

Note: The amount King County pays for your My Secure Advantage will be subject to a fringe benefit tax, according to the Internal Revenue Service fringe tax regulations. If you have questions about this taxable fringe benefit, please contact  Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations at 206-684-1556 or

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