Teams-based Debriefing Groups for stress and coping available for frontline employees and employees involved in the COVID response

Engaging in emergency response and working on the frontline during emergencies is inevitably stressful for King County employees. While the work is rewarding, the long hours, breadth of demands, and exposure to human suffering can be difficult for even the most seasoned responder.

What are Debriefing Groups

Team-based Debriefing Groups are spaces to connect with colleagues and reflect on experiences, process stress, and share strategies for coping. These groups are facilitated by mental health professionals trained in supporting employees during stressful situations.

Groups are completely voluntary for employees and are offered weekly or bi-weekly at a date and time that meets the needs of each team. You do not need to attend all groups to participate. Groups are designed so you can join as often as is helpful to you.

How to Join

If you would like to start a group for your team, reach out to If you’re a supervisor, we will work with you to coordinate. If you’re an employee, we will reach out to your supervisor to let them know there’s interest in the group and coordinate the group’s development, if possible.

Team-based Debriefing Groups can be held virtually or in-person and work best with five to 15 employees. If your team is larger than this, we may divide you all into smaller groups so we can have the most effective groups possible.

Drop-in groups for BIPOC employees

As a reminder, Drop-in Groups for BIPOC employees are ongoing each Wednesday from noon – 1 p.m. Zoom information is here.

Contact Balanced You at for more information about drop-in groups.

Additional Resources

For more information on mental health resources, see this Mental Health Resource Guide for an overview of resources available from King County and from the community. For one-on-one counseling, employees can access the Employee Assistance Program for work-related issues or Making Life Easier for non-work-related issues.

  • Employee Assistance Program: Call 206-263-8733 to make an appointment. For more information email
  • Making Life Easier: Access the program at with user name: King County or call 1-888-874-7290.

For more information, contact Balanced You at or 206-263-9626.

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