2018 Balanced You Worksite Fund recipients

The Balanced You Worksite Fund is a competitive process overseen by King County Employee Health and Well-Being in the Human Resources Division. It’s one way we’re investing in your health and well-being. In response to our first call for applications earlier this summer, we received over 100 applications totaling almost $300,000 in requests. In 2018, we plan to invest about $100,000 in over 40 projects reaching worksites throughout the County. Your interest and enthusiasm in creating positive change in our worksites was fantastic to see. Continue reading to learn more about the recipients for 2018.

Balanced You Worksite Fund 2018 project highlights:

  • Common types of projects funded:
    • Kitchen upgrades, supplies, appliances
    • Training (Stretch and flex, stress reduction, mental health)
    • Team building and recreation activities
    • Physical activity equipment and supplies
    • Creation of wellness spaces
  • Health and well-being benefits:
    • Reduce stress
    • Eat healthier
    • Increase team cohesion
    • Feel safer, reduce injuries
    • Be more physically active

Applications were approved and recommended for funding by a cross-functional team including the Office of Labor Relations; Human Resources Division; Office of Equity & Social Justice; Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Operations; Performance, Strategy, and Budget; Metro Transit; Facilities Management Division; and Risk Management.

We intend to offer the Worksite Fund opportunity again in the next biennium, a key component of our goal to build a culture that supports the optimal health, well-being, and safety of our employees. It’s another way we are Investing in YOU. Eligible projects that did not receive funding in this round will be welcome to reapply.

See the list below to learn more about the 2018 Balanced You Worksite Fund recipients.

While the Worksite Fund opportunity is now closed for 2018, Balanced You supports employees in many ways throughout the year. Connect with us to learn more.

2018 Balanced You Worksite Fund Recipients

County Agency Project Name Project Summary Geography
Community & Human Services Serenity room Furnish a designated wellness and lactation room. South King County
Community & Human Services Eating and walking to wellness Healthy eating & walking project. Downtown
Community & Human Services DDD mindfulness retreat Mindfulness training for team building. Downtown
District Court (Issaquah) Moving towards success Promote movement, team-building, and stress reduction in a sedentary environment. East King County
District Court (Payment Center) Stress reduction & mindfulness Stress reduction and physical activity. Downtown
Elections Eating fresh in a food desert New kitchen appliances. South King County
Equity and Social Justice Interbranch Team Building a racially just King County for People of Color Facilitate workshops, training, and provide resources to address Native American and People of Color workforce needs related to mental health. Countywide
Executive Services (FMD) Custodial cart cooling fan upgrade Clip fans for custodians performing physical labor during the evening hours. Downtown
Executive Services (RALS) Balanced Us Team RASKC Variety of activities to support employees in the Animal Shelter. Healthy eating, team building, and physical activity. South King County
Executive Services (RALS) King County Records Center New kitchen appliances and healthy eating collaboration. Other Seattle
Executive Services (Treasury) A Balanced Us! Potluck and kitchen supplies to support team building and the Employee Giving Program. Downtown
Information Technology Mixed Reality Stress Reduction Stress reduction program. Downtown
Information Technology Radio Shop Recreation and Rejuvenation Recreation activities for an isolated worksite. South King County
Information Technology Mindfulness and Meditation Training Mindfulness training for team building. Downtown
Judicial Administration DC Drinks to Wellness Healthy eating and team building. Downtown
Natural Resources & Parks (Parks) Parks Operations Stretch and Flex Train-the-trainer stretching program for Parks employees. Multiple
Natural Resources & Parks (Parks) Mobility Improvement area Create a simple fitness space. South King County
Natural Resources & Parks (WLRD) Ukulele Club Expand a recently formed musical club for team building. Other Seattle
Natural Resources & Parks (WLRD) Yoga on the Water Establish a yoga class. Other Seattle
Prosecuting Attorney’s Office A gathering Place Create a space to eat lunch. Downtown
Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Victim advocate wellness retreat One-day victim advocate retreat. Downtown
Public Defense Keeping DPD Healthy Yoga and self-defense class. Multiple
Public Defense Building Strength and Resiliency Through Physical Health Purchase exercise equipment. Downtown
Public Health Becoming a Trauma-Informed Health Department Trauma-informed 101 train-the-trainer sessions. Multiple
Public Health (CHS) Employee Wellness Room Establish an employee wellness center. Downtown
Public Health (CHS) Employee Engagement 2018 Purchase appliances for a lunchroom. South King County
Public Health (CHS) Eastgate Employee Engagement and Wellness Variety of projects aimed at improving peer culture and culture change. East King County
Public Health (EH) Blendiful Boost Healthy eating and recipe sharing. East King County
Public Health (EMS) Personal Safety and Self Defense Training Personal safety and self-defense training. Multiple
Public Health (Jail Health Services) Jail Psych Trauma Stewardship Project 2018 Training focused on addressing vicarious trauma and stress. Downtown
Public Health (Prevention) Office Air Quality Improvement and Beautification Improve air quality and office aesthetics of an underground office. Downtown
Public Health (Prevention) Relax Max Purchase stretching equipment to rejuvenate throughout the day. Downtown
Sheriff’s Office (AFIS Jail ID) Operations Make Differences Purchase new images for virtual window in space with no current windows. Downtown
Sheriff’s Office (Precinct 3) Patio Create an outdoor patio for breaks and to honor three fallen officers. East King County
Sheriff’s Office (Precinct 5) Shoreline Police Healthy Meals Project Furnish a kitchen space with small appliances and utensils. North King County
Sheriff’s Office (Records) Wellness/ Community Room Convert a storage room to a wellness space. Downtown
Sheriff’s Office (Sound Transit) Health and Wellness Workshop Conference for first responders with a focus on mental health and suicide prevention. Multiple
Transit (TCC) It’s Not Getting Hot in Here! The TCC Would Like to Have a Real Oven! Purchase of an oven and other minor breakroom enhancements. Other Seattle
Transit (Power Distribution) Balanced You Worksite Fund Variety of activities proposed to improve health. Other Seattle
Transportation (Roads) Road Maintenance, Division 2 Team building activity Team building activity. East King County
Transportation (Roads) Road Employee Engagement Library Expand current mobile library. Downtown


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