Coming soon! Balanced You Worksite Fund

When it comes to health, one size never fits all. Some of you work on buses or drive trucks, and others work in treatment plants or offices. Balanced You is working to offer more choices that take into account where, when, and how you work. The Balanced You Worksite Fund, launching in early July, is an exciting new program to help you and your coworkers bring your own good ideas and solutions to life. When you apply for a Worksite Fund grant, you have an opportunity to create positive change.

The Balanced You Worksite Fund is a competitive program. Through the Worksite Fund, we intend to award between 10 and 30 group projects throughout the County. Grants up to $5,000 will be awarded and we encourage a variety of applications in all areas of health and well-being. We welcome your creative and original project ideas. We’ve provided a list of potential projects to get you started. Also, we’ve listed some activities we cannot fund.

Learn more about the Balanced You Worksite Fund.

Full details and Worksite Fund application materials will be released in early July, 2018. 

Questions? Email or call us at 206-263-9626

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